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Baby Headband Sizes: How to Choose?

Hey there, stylish parents! You want your baby to look their best, right? Well, choosing the perfect headband is key. But fear not, we've got your back! In this blog, we're dishing out all the juicy details on baby headband sizes. From the teeny-tiny newborns to the bold and beautiful little girls, we've got the data to ensure a snug and stylish fit. So, let's get started and make your baby's headband dreams come true!


Newborns (0-6 months)

Babies come in all shapes and sizes, and newborns are no exception. Their tiny heads can measure anywhere from 12 to 15 inches in circumference, with the average falling at 13-14 inches. To ensure a snug fit, choose headbands specifically designed for newborns, which typically measure around 14-15 inches in circumference.


(6-12 months)

As your baby grows, so does their head circumference. For babies aged 6-12 months, the average head circumference is around 16-17 inches. Headbands designed for this age group usually measure around 16-18 inches in circumference, providing a comfortable and secure fit.


Toddlers (1-5 years old)

Toddlers continue to grow and so do their noggins! The average head circumference for this age group ranges from 18-20 inches. To ensure a comfortable fit, opt for headbands designed for toddlers, which typically measure around 18-20 inches in circumference.


Little Girls

Little girls are notorious for having big personalities, and sometimes that means having big heads too! Headbands for little girls typically measure around 20 inches in circumference or more. However, it's important to note that head size can still vary within the same age range, so it's always best to measure your child's head circumference to ensure the perfect fit.


Baby Headband Size Chart


 **For the table below, keep in mind, even when you measure your child's head circumference, you need to allow room for the fabric stretch. Therefore when choosing a size, plan to choose a size 1 to 2 inches less than your measurement. See chart below under "Recommended Headband Circumference" as reference.

Age Range Average Head Circumference Recommended Headband Circumference
Newborns (0-6 months) 13-14 inches 12-14 inches
6-12 months 16-17 inches 15-16 inches
Toddlers (1-5 years old) 18-20 inches 16-18 inches
Little Girls Varies greatly Measure head circumference for best fit

This table provides a quick and easy reference guide for parents looking to choose the right size headband for their little one based on their age range.


So, there you have it! By taking into account your child's age and head circumference, you can choose the right size headband to ensure both style and comfort. Don't forget to measure, and happy shopping!


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So helpful for choosing the right size headband!! Our little girl is a tiny little thing, and at 8 months, is still in the newborn/0-6 month size! This will definitely help as she grows and we need to move up in sizes!


Definitely helpful! My daughter always was in the 90th percentile and up for head circumference (aka- she gotta big head!), so this will be helpful if/when I ever branch out into headbands for her!


Very well designed page with all the info I could need!


Never thought about making sure a headband coming in different sizes even within the same age group. Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing.


This is a very thorough conversation on how to get the perfect size!

Kerri George

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