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Bonnie's Boujee Bows

🐰 Bunny Peeps Messy Bow🐰

🐰 Bunny Peeps Messy Bow🐰

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🐰 Bunny Peeps 🐰

These peeps are so cute! I mean, so cool! 😎 And who doesn't love the sunflowers thrown in? I've gotta know, are you a peep eater?

Fabric: Double Brushed Polyester

    Color: Pink

    Age Range of Messy Bow Headbands: (*excludes nylon)

    0-6 months= 14in
    6-12 months= 16in
    1-5yrs toddlers= 18in
    Young Girls (6-12yrs)= 20in
    *Teen/Adult (Basic Knot only)= 21-22in

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