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Bonnie's Boujee Bows

🔆Distressed Sunlight Messy Bow🔆

🔆Distressed Sunlight Messy Bow🔆

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Brighten up any toddler girl's wardrobe with the 🔆Distressed Sunlight Messy Bow🔆! Featuring sunshine colors, distressed fabric, and a messy bow, this set of headbands and clips will bring the perfect amount of summer vibes to your sweetheart's wardrobe. With our unique baby headbands, she's sure to be the envy of all her friends! Plus, our toddler stretchy headbands are perfect for newborns to bring a touch of softness and style.

* Please note that I cannot guarantee the placement or amount of distress for each bow. 
** Please be mindful that some strings can leave a little mess behind. It is recommended that the bows are examined for loose strings before putting on child. 

BonBon is a single alligator clip bow. 

BonBon-Messy Bow Clip (aka piggies). **If you want piggies put 2 in your cart**
Barely There Nylon Headband Bow (Tan or Black Nylon)

Fabric: Distressed Knit 

Color: Yellow

Age Range of Messy Bow Headbands: (*excludes nylon)

0-6 months= 14in
6-12 months= 16in
1-5yrs toddlers= 18in
Young Girls (6-12yrs)= 20in
*Teen/Adult (Basic Knot only)= 21-22in

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