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Bonnie's Boujee Bows

Chiseler Messy Bow

Chiseler Messy Bow

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CHISELER is slang for young child. Whether it's a bow for your young child or bringing out the young child innocence for you, it's a fun and festive print! The dark green plaid coated with the gold hearts and shamrocks. It's so fun! It's on Thick Double Brushed Polyester which is such a classic! Soft and buttery.

BonBon-Messy Bow Clips (aka piggies) **If you want piggies put 2 in your cart**
Barely There Nylon Headband Bow (Tan or Black Nylon)

Fabric: Thick DBP 
Color: Green/Black/Orange/Yellow

Age Range of Messy Bow Headbands: (*excludes nylon)

0-6 months= 14in
6-12 months= 16in
1-5yrs toddlers= 18in
Young Girls (6-12yrs)= 20in
*Teen/Adult (Basic Knot only)= 21-22in
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